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Original Fast Foods James Daniel Simmons

Original Fast Foods

James Daniel Simmons

Published 2005
Unknown Binding
228 pages
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 About the Book 

This is an excellent book! It has changed the course of my life forever. It has changed the way I think about food and nutrition and provided delicious recipes to help me implement the principles of the book.This book doesnt say you should be a vegetarian--just that 10% of less of your calories each day should come from animal products (drawing on the results of scientific research, not just opinion). I NEVER thought I would be anything close to a vegetarian--many vegetarians I have known appear pale and sickly. Now I realize its possible to be a vegetarian who eats really poorly (you could be a vegetarian and eat nothing but potato chips all day, every day). As a result of this book, Im now an almost vegetarian or flexitarian. I eat meat when I go out to eat or eat at someone elses house. And I cook it occasionally (an average of once every month or two probably, not counting eggs). And I feel great. I thought I would miss meat, and especially cheese, cows milk, and butter, but I really dont.One critique of the book is that the recipes leave out a lot of details. They will say something like bake until tender without giving a temperature or estimate on how long it will take (10 min??? 1 hour???). Also, some help on unfamiliar ingredients would be useful. I had never cooked with coconut milk and a lot of their recipes call for it. At first I was using the stuff in the milk section instead of the canned stuff in the Asian food section.