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Aunt Ellas Prayer: A Christmas Play Regina Stokes Russell

Aunt Ellas Prayer: A Christmas Play

Regina Stokes Russell

Published September 12th 2014
Kindle Edition
50 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Aunt Ellas Prayer is a fun and touching Christian Christmas Play for Church Drama Groups! An added attraction is the small, nativity scene consisting of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus as it connects the past with the future for a heartwarming message. It is easily staged and detailed descriptions about the characters and the props have been included along with a code word that allows the making of free copies of the play for everyone involved. If your church has a stage, this five act, thirty minute drama could be your next successful production!Aunt Ellas Prayer Synopsis:Christmas should be a time for joy and celebration. But as the date for Aunt Ellas family Christmas dinner draws near, some in her family do not feel like celebrating. One family member fears a secret being revealed while another is just as concerned about appearances even if her efforts are causing trouble within her immediate family. Then, theres the teenager that comes who seems to only communicate by texting her friends and the couple who find it difficult to be civil to one another even during the holidays. A young woman receives a gift she thought she wanted until she received it and ends up needing the support of her family to help her make it through the holiday. Adding a layer of intrigue is the fact that Ella has invited the preacher to come for Christmas dinner despite the fact her sister is not as enthusiastic about his presence. But Aunt Ella is a praying woman and though every situation does not end up as prettily wrapped as the presents under the tree, the results of her prayer help to change the corner of the world she and her family inhabits. And its all because Jesus has been invited to the Christmas dinner too.