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I Be Emma Charlotte Pritchard

I Be Emma

Charlotte Pritchard

Published March 20th 2013
ISBN : 9781475978063
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

For Clara, life in the backwoods of Tennessee is all she knows. She lives with her parents, who have kept her isolated from the outside world. And until the day she is allowed to leave their rural home, she has no reason to suspect that her life is in any way unusual. She goes out into the world to help her father sell brooms, and there, after a seemingly chance encounter, the logic of her life begins to unravel.She meets a woman and suddenly begins to have terrible nightmares she cant explain. Claras doubts begin to take flight when her mother accidentally lets a crucial fact slip. Now she cant stop the questions and concerns from consuming her. She puts it all together and comes to a life-changing realization: the man and woman who raised her are not her parents-they are her kidnappers.Now nothing will stop this determined young woman from learning the truth and finding her real parents. Can Clara find a way to escape and reclaim her stolen life?