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Power Play Tara Lynn

Power Play

Tara Lynn

Kindle Edition
326 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

KERRY:Listen, it wasn’t my fault. Our plane was grounded. It was freezing outside.And this guy, well, he definitely looked like he could warm me up. He had gorgeous grey eyes, a tongue that cracked like a whip and a body stacked with purpose, even under his suit.One sleepless night should have been enough. But he won’t leave my mind. After everything I’ve been through, that’s the surest sign I need to walk away.Problem is, he’s not just some random businessman. He’s rich. Like empire rich. The sort of rich that makes the Kennedys look middle-class.And he’s not done with me.A sexy, wealthy playboy trying to make you his? It’s what every girl dreams of.And it’s the last thing I want.Now someone tell my body that.DEACON:My family’s been trying to cram a silver spoon in my mouth since the day I was born. I just keep spitting it out and do things my way.When business goes really well, I allow myself a treat. This girl, she was a feast: curvy hips, tender lips, sultry brown hair. Plus, a brain backing it all up.She’s the most perfect creature I’ve ever met. I’d give her the goddamn world if it made her mine.She thinks I’m gonna let her slip away after one taste?Not a chance in hell, sweetheart.Nothings going to keep her from me.Not work, not family.Not even her.Power Playis a standalone novel with a well-earned HEA. It features sizzling banter, steamy sexual situations and intense drama. Mature audiences only.