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Gabbys First Milking Velvet Gates

Gabbys First Milking

Velvet Gates

Kindle Edition
20 pages
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 About the Book 

Busty Gabby always had to keep her occasional bouts of lactation a secret, even from her loving boyfriend, Nicolas. When he bursts in on her in the middle of one of her attacks, however, there can only be one thing for him to do - put his beloved partners mind at ease and explore this pleasurable phenomenon for himself...WARNING - This 6,275 word erotica contains scenes of heart-warming romance interspersed with scenes of extremely messy lactation, deep copulation and raw pleasure that will have you pining for even more! For over 18s only!Although she tried to be clean, as it was the most convenient way of getting through the attack without being detected, to make such a mess of herself often greatly excited Gabby – she felt weirdly empowered by the ability to forcefully expel liquid in the same manner that a man could. She knew that it would have been better still if she could have shot some of this breast milk onto her boyfriend’s face, or if it could have occurred in full just as she was brought to an earth-pounding climax. But, to Gabby, this was still a mere pipe dream – a sexual fantasy that would remain forever unfulfilled, etched only in the darkest, most sinful depths of her mind.Gabby closed her eyes, something which always subtly increased the pleasurable feeling inside her body. She became wrapped up in her own little world, teasing out little spurts of her breast milk at a time, no longer caring about whether or not it was collected by the tissue, which by now had become sodden and was threatening to break up.Then, with enough suddenness to nearly make Gabby jump out of her skin, the bedroom door flew open. Gabby, gasping with shock and still a little pleasure, opened her eyes immediately and saw that one overriding fear of hers: Nicolas, standing there looking completely aghast, unable even to process exactly what the hell was going on...