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21-12-12 - The Reality Maz Shams

21-12-12 - The Reality

Maz Shams

Kindle Edition
24 pages
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 About the Book 

21st Dec, 2012What’s the reality behind 2012 predictions? Is it really going to happen what they showed in the movie? Who were the Mayans? How did they predicted our future? What are the doomsday predictions ? How did all this fuss originated? Where are the scientific facts?This book analyzes all the aspects of the predicted doomsday on 21st December 2012 in easy and understandable language for people who are unable to figure out the 2012 phenomenon. This book will answer all your questions, misconceptions and concerns about the end of the world in December 2012.After reading this, you will be able to realize the ultimate reality about 2012 doomsday scenario. Dont forget to give a short review after reading this eBook. Thanks :)