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Поезия Alfonsina Storni


Alfonsina Storni

Published 2014
145 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It is the first time I read Storni. And I dont think Ill be reading her poetry again. Dont get me wrong, she doesnt have an intolerably sappy writing style like something Ive recently read (rant, here), on the contrary, she has a beautiful and complex language to transmit all her feelings, the ones she loves and the ones that haunt her. However, sometimes, even with an elaborated language, her style can be overly hmm sweet. I must look a bit cynical because I prefer a philosophical/existentialist poetry rather than a purely sentimental one- but I do like reading the latter. Its just, when almost the whole book is about...Jan 19, 14* Complete review in here *