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Arthur and the Great Detective Alan Coren

Arthur and the Great Detective

Alan Coren

Published January 1st 1979
ISBN : 9780316157360
74 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

So I have been considering what kind of Englishman goes to America for a very short stay, carries a magnifying glass and a swordstick, and is well known to the New York police, and there was only one-Conclusion, finished Sherlock Holmes, nodding. Yes, Arthur, there usually is.In the seventh installment of Corens Arthur series, young Arthur William Foskett is travelling alone on a transatlantic sailing, headed back to school in England. The early days of the voyage are plagued by bad weather, and most of the ships passengers take refuge in their cabins, leaving the dining room to just Arthur and two other men, who turn out to be none other than Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. When the weather clears and the passengers re-emerge, there is a robbery on board. Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Foskett are both on the case. A charming, very funny mystery for young readers, with plenty of amusing references for those already familiar with Holmes.