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How to Survive Y2k Chaos in the City: A Preparedness and Self-Reliance Handbook Ken Eirich

How to Survive Y2k Chaos in the City: A Preparedness and Self-Reliance Handbook

Ken Eirich

Published December 30th 1998
ISBN : 9780968429303
112 pages
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 About the Book 

Several years ago we began our own research on the Y2k-Millennium Bug. At the very beginning we were hopeful they would find the magic bullet and everything would be okay. That hope was short-lived. As more documented information emerged we realized that we were at the threshold of the most potentially devastating, man-made disaster, ever experienced in history. A predictable disaster that is set to strike at - midnight, January 1, 2000 and within 24 hours, will to some degree or another, affect everyone in the world.As we began to consider the possible ramifications of Y2k to our lifestyle, we became increasingly convinced that we needed to prepare for, possibly, a worst case scenario - and do it now. But, where to begin? What should we prepare for? What if there was no electricity, no water, no heat? How would we keep warm? How would we eat? What would we eat? What should we store and how long would it last? What things, if forgotten, could be potentially devastating?How to Survive Y2k Chaos in the City tells you everything you need to know, to prepare for you and your familys survival in the city and suburbs. Some of the things you will learn from How to Survive Y2k Chaos in the City (A Preparedness and Self-Reliance Handbook) are:How to make sure the water you drink is safe.How to store enough water for all your needs.How to find, filter and treat water when the taps dont work.How to live without electricity and what you need for heat, light and cooking.How much fuel you need, storage and safety principles.How to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards.How to avoid the 10 most common mistakes made in food storage.Find out what to store, how much, how long it will last and how to keep it safe.How to prevent food poisoning and other life-threatening illnesses and safeguard your family.Learn how to use the food in your cupboards to make good and healthy meals.Use the complete checklists on personal preparedness to make sure every member of your family is ready.Other checklists will help you not forget important items, your life may soon depend upon.How to grow enough food in your home and in small spaces to keep you alive.Learn the art of long-term fresh food storage.Find out how and what to use as barter items in the event it becomes the new economy.Learn how to substitute for items that may no longer be available on store shelves.There is also a comprehensive index for quick reference.And much, much more.