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Principle 6: Faith Makes the World Turn Round David Khalil

Principle 6: Faith Makes the World Turn Round

David Khalil

Kindle Edition
9 pages
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 About the Book 

Principle 6: Faith Makes the World Turn Round is the sixth principle of a 12 part series from the book- When All Else Fails, Succeed! The A-la-carte format now allows the reader to pick and choose which practical principle they wish to try and test to build a successful life without purchasing the whole book.Each Principle has been carefully selected and can be applied individually in its own right. Yet, there is a compounding effect when the principles are strung together that can build a momentum of success in your life.This principle focuses on the power to developing a positive constant state of mind to overcome any obstacle that may arise in your path. This principle is a necessity to be able to take an idea and turn it into a reality.When all else fails, succeed! - Is a book that is well researched in modern day success stories with refreshing insight into practical skills to achieve personal success without the usual self-help hype! It displays a simple format that places in the hands of any reader the power to reflect and pinpoint their current state of life providing tools to build a life by design rather than by default. There is no denying that most people want success but they just don’t know how.For over a decade David Khalil has been a student of personal success and achievement, the results of which have been tried, tested and finally collated into this book. Personally applying these principles has helped David achieve great success in Australia both in business and the social community front.Dive in if you want to learn how to turn FAILURE into SUCCESS, STUMBLING BLOCKS into STEPPING-STONES, OBSTACLES into OPPORTUNITIES? Want to know how you can GUARANTEE success in life?Yes, winning is wonderful. Knowing how to win is even better!Most of us spend our lives waiting for certainty to fall from the heavens, then wonder why we haven’t truly succeeded for such a long time. More than luck or a sixth sense, more than a university qualification or even experience, sustained success comes from a focused life.The principles in this book are designed to focus your blurred vision, allowing you to see clearly and sharply what needs to happen next. Where once you failed as a result of distractions and hesitation, by focusing your attention and energy you truly can create a successful and fulfilling life.They have been tried and tested over centuries by fabulously successful people. They are common keys that will unlock the door to your success. There’s no magic formula, just universal laws that make life make sense.The only mystery is why more people don’t apply them.So go ahead, take up the challenge as you read —and when all else fails, SUCCEED.