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Ann Pilling

Published August 4th 1997
ISBN : 9780744537802
91 pages
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 About the Book 

Creation: Read-Aloud Stories from Many Lands was a very enjoyable book. It has several stories of creation, as well as stories within different religions around the world. I would want to read one story out of the book to my students maybe each day or each week if we are on the topic of religion at some point. It was one of my favorite from this text set!I would put this book under the genre of folklore. Many of the stories in this book have been passed down for many years. I chose this book for my text set because I would like to use it as a resource for my childrens story, but because of the different aspects and religions it has in it. This could definitely be a good book to read over a series of weeks and discuss each week!I had no trouble filling out the quality checklist for this book, it almost hit every check box! It is perfect for children all ages, very interesting, and has many cultural considerations. The illustrations are very old it seems, but they do match to the story. Throughout the book there are more words than they are pictures, but when the pictures are shown they are perfect for the story. They do not add much to the story, but I believe they will help my students when I read to them/they read to themselves.There are many cultural groups represented in this book, many different religions (and the language that is related to them), and A LOT of characters: Some are people, and some are animals- it depends on what religion is being focused on in the section of the book. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to teach children the different perspectives and religions of the world.