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Hello, Privet! #1 : Hello/Привет Maria Malonzo

Hello, Privet! #1 : Hello/Привет

Maria Malonzo

Published June 4th 2015
Kindle Edition
641 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This bildungsroman which is part comedy of manners, part culture clash romcom, follows Sophie Rosenbaum, a 21-year old former child prodigy and now Harvard dropout, who wants to prove to her family that shes okay. Her plan: become independent from her well-meaning but smothering family by interning at Bergstrom & Bergstrom PR, which coincidentally ran her stepfathers gubernatorial campaign. What she didnt plan on is the plot twist who walks into her life (or rather, her psychotherapist brothers waiting room) in the person of Anton Akhmerov, more popularly known as The Russian Bad Boy of Tennis.Anton Akhmerov, five-time Grand Slam tennis champion (except for Wimbledon, which continues to elude him), seems to have everything — money, fame, and a supermodel girlfriend — except his ranking has fallen to 200 after a shoulder injury. The only thing he cares about is becoming number one again, but getting back on top seems not only difficult, but impossible, what with his temper and racket breaking problem. His manager tries everything to help him get his head on straight: first theres psychotherapy, and then theres his new PR assistant Sophie, who thinks hes nothing more than a self-conceited jock.They might be from different worlds, but as their paths cross, they find their lives inevitably changing in new and unexpected ways.Book 1 of a new adult contemporary romantic comedy series written in a multi-POV he-said she-said style with the main protagonists and minor characters alternately telling their side of the story.