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Outpost Epsilon Herbert Grosshans

Outpost Epsilon

Herbert Grosshans

Kindle Edition
100 pages
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 About the Book 

Master Scout, Terrex Stonewall Had Returned To The Very Last Place He Wanted To See After Being Away For Fifteen Years, But His Orders Were To Find Out Why The Spiders Had A Battleship At The Edge Of Epsilon When Humans Had Claimed It And Been On The Hellish Planet For Over Twenty Years. Why And What Was On Epsilon?Herbert Grosshan Continues Trexxs Tale And Trexx Should Have Been A Sailor Instead Of A Scout As He Attracted Every Female, Both Human And Alien!! Commodore Chelzic, A Big, Tall And Arrogant Union Soldier From The Old School Declared Marshall Law On The Whole Planet and Would Not Listen To The Lowly Scouts Until She Saw The Huge Carasaur Bearing Down On Their Tank When They Traveled To The Planets Capital. At The Capital, He Demoted The Security Chief/Mayor And Placed Trexx In The Little Place Where Trexx Got A Rude Awaken In Politics! From Spiders, Humans, Dragons, And Noe The Peaceful Anorians All See To Want The Planet But Was It At The Risk Of Interstellar War?