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The Evil Indie Author: How I Made a Trillion Dollars On Kindle, Blah Blah Blah Luis Samways

The Evil Indie Author: How I Made a Trillion Dollars On Kindle, Blah Blah Blah

Luis Samways

Published May 25th 2015
Kindle Edition
77 pages
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 About the Book 

*** Special launch price. Usually $4.99! ***Hi, my name is Luis Samways and I am here to rip you off. What? You dont like being ripped off? Seriously? Why not? Many people are doing it....haven’t you read the How to make a billion gazillion dollars on Kindle? I thought you had! Oh well, my mistake. I guess you stumbled on this Holy Grail of publishing by accident.....I dont know if you can tell, but Im being sarcastic. This isn’t the Holy Grail of indie publishing, this is some dude, (me), telling you how I make money on Kindle.There aren’t any tricks or magic formulas in this one. There isn’t even an elaborate tale of how I just cashed in a million from my yarns.No, I haven’t made a million, but I am making a living. Bit by bit, its coming along. And thats how it should be. Bit by bit.This book is about getting down to what matters and that is making an honest writer out of you. Does that mean Im advocating myself as an honest soul? No, Im evil remember! What Im trying to do is show you that if your passion is writing and telling a damn good story then this will be the book for you.In it Ill tell you about my experiences in the self-publishing world and how it takes a whole lot more than catchy covers and keywords to get your book to the best sellers. It also takes more than one book. It might take ten. It took 7 for me and even then I wasn’t making millions and still aren’t. But am I happy with my progress? Damn right. Am I paying bills? Yes Sir! Am I a millionaire? No, I am not! Does it matter? No! If you want to earn money as a writer, you need to write and be thankful for every book you sell. Its not a race and Ill show you why in this book.Dont trust those evil so called authors who promote misleading titles and gaming the system. Its all about the books and keeping those lovely people we call our readers happy. Fail in that, and you can suck on a coconut!So, there you have it. Buy this book if you want to know stuff about writing and the wonderful journey it is. Also buy this book if you want to hear me rant about my life and my routine. Don’t buy this book if you are a pansy and want the easy way out. There isn’t an easy way out sukkah! This is war! This is being a writer!May contain the occasional curse word and a few misleading tidbits on my character-flaws. :)About the author:Luis Samways is a thriller writer that has published nearly 20 books in three years. He has had number one best-sellers in the Hard-Boiled charts, the Mystery charts and the Post Apocalyptic charts. His books regularly are in the top 1000 overall best selling books in America and the United Kingdom. To date he has sold around 72 000 units. He hopes to reach the 100 K mark by the end of the year, and to celebrate, if he does, hell releases a permanently free Frank McKenzie novel to thank his fans!